Reading a lot of resources and books will be necessary for you if you want to be more professional in your career, Linux is not an exception here and we have many free eBooks about getting deeper in Linux.

“Advanced GNU/Linux Administration” is a free eBook written by the Free Technology Academy; an online academy offering a lot of courses and opportunities about free and open source technologies. From its name, you can understand that the book talks about many advanced topics that relate to GNU/Linux operating system.

The “Advanced GNU/Linux Administration” book comes to fill an important gap in the world of open source books; the advanced books and information that generally no one talks about, you will see the newbies-targeted and simple eBooks everywhere actually, but it’s rare to meet a book about deep parts of the operating system, which is why this book is considered to be special.

The book includes a list of modules, each module contains a lot of sub-modules that explain a lot of important information about the Linux system administration:

  • An introduction to the GNU/Linux operating system.
  • Migration and co-existence with non-Linux operating systems/
  • Basic tools for the Administrator.
  • The Linux kernel.
  • Local administration.
  • Network administration.
  • Server administration.
  • Data administration.
  • Security administration.
  • Configuration, tuning and optimization.
  • Clustering.

Here are the complete contents of the book:

Advanced Linux Administration Advanced Linux Administration Advanced Linux Administration

The book is free and licensed under the GFDL (GNU Free Document License); you can share or redistribute the copy freely, you can even modify it or use it for commercial purposes, all under the conditions listed in the GNU page linked above.

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Have you read this book already? What do you think about it? Do you have any other Linux books about the advanced parts of administration? Share your experience with us in the comments section below!

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