When it comes to learning the Linux command line, you have to do a lot of practice, you should run hundreds of commands and save them in order to use them easily when needed, fortunately, we have the “Linux Command Line” to solve this issue.

The “Linux Command Line” is a free eBook written by William Shotts that consists of around 560 pages, explaining almost everything about the Linux command line interface. The book distributes its content on 4 different parts, each one includes lots of subtitles.

The Contents

  • Part 1: Learning the Shell
    • What is the Shell?
    • Navigation.
    • Exploring The System.
    • Manipulating Files And Directories.
    • Working With Commands.
    • Redirection.
    • Seeing The World As The Shell Sees It.
    • Advanced Keyboard Tricks.
    • Permissions.
    • Process.
  • Part 2: Configuration And the Environment
    • The Environment.
    • A Gentle Introduction To Vi.
    • Customizing The Prompt.
  • Part 3: Common Tasks And Essential Tools
    • Package Management.
    • Storage Media.
    • Networking.
    • Searching For Files.
    • Archiving And Backup.
    • Regular Expressions.
    • Text Processing.
    • Formatting Output.
    • Printing.
    • Compiling Programs.
  • Part 4: Writing Shell Scripts.
    • Writing Your First Script.
    • Starting A Project.
    • Top-Down Design.
    • Flow Control: Branching With It.
    • Reading Keyboard Input.
    • Flow Control: Looping With while / until.
    • Troubleshooting.
    • Flow Control: Branching With case.
    • Positional Parameters.
    • Flow Control: Looping With for.
    • Strings And Numbers.
    • Arrays.
    • Exotica.

As you can see the book is so rich of important topics which makes it one of the best books in its field, the more important thing is that you are getting it for free; the book is released under the CC-BY-NC-ND Version 3.0. You can share and re-distribute the book as long you keep it the same.

It was first released in 2009 (first edition) and later a second version was released in 2013, and just around 7 days ago , the book writer, Mr. William Shotts, announced the 3rd version of the book saying on his blog:

I have just released a new edition of my book, The Linux Command Line. This version is mostly a maintenance and modernization release. It also fixes several bugs and clarifies a few things, too.

To download the 3rd version of the Linux Command Line book:

Download The Linux Command Line Book for Free

In case you wanted to get the book as a printed copy, you can grab it from amazon, please note that it’s not the 3rd version of the book, but it still very useful and informative:

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