The free software movement is not just about providing the software for free (as in freedom). It’s about the community that collaborates in order to shape its future. Such collaboration can’t be done from the side of the developers only, but also from the side of normal users; people like me and you.

Each week, FOSS Post chooses 5 free and open source projects to highlight in order to provide support and donations for them. We try to highlight these projects in order to help them and make them continue their awesome work on these software.

This list includes the top projects to support for this week (2017/01/21). No matter how small it is, feel free to support these projects by donating even by just $1. If 1000 people saw this post and even if 20% of them helped only, these projects would get $200! It may sound a small number for you, but as a developer, it will really help those guys continue.

Of course, “support” is not by just giving money. You can help spread the word and tell your friends about these projects if they were interested. There are a lot of other ways to provide support. Visit the website of each project to learn more.

GIMP & GEGL / babl

GIMP Program for Image Processing
GIMP Program for Image Processing

When ever thinking of a free (as in freedom) alternative for Adobe Photoshop, the first answer that comes to the minds of most of us is GIMP. One of the most famous and useful open source applications out there. One of its main developers, Øyvind Kolås, is seeking support to continue improving it.

Øyvind is also a main developer behind GEGL and babl libraries; important image processing libraries. They are also used by other free image processing tools, not just GIMP. So you can be sure that your contribution will be beneficial for all.

To support this awesome work, head to the Patreon page and choose whatever price you can provide.


Tiled is a free 2D level editor. It can be used by a lot of development frameworks and programming languages for easily creating games levels using XML format. If you are ever going to be a 2D games developer, you will definitely need to use such program to create the levels for your game. Even if you were just a normal player, you are actually helping the people who will develop these games for you. The source code is released under GPL 2.

Thorbjørn Lindeijer has opened a Patreon support page to receive the contributions regarding his project. Feel free to go ahead and support him with what you can.


PulseAudio is an important free piece of software. It’s the sound server available on most modern Linux distributions. A proxy layer between your hardware and software which requires sound. PulseAudio is available on most Unix-like systems (like FreeBSD, Solaris..) beside Linux itself. You may actually be using it right now.

However, since it is one of these software which are in the “core” deep there where nobody usually notices, it didn’t get very much attention. The developer behind it, Tanu Kaskinen, is seeking support for his project. He is the main maintainer of it. You can support him via the Patreon page.


Ubuntu Touch running on multiple devices, Credit:

UBports is a project that aims for porting the Ubuntu Touch system to other mobile devices. They have done a great work so far and ported it to the Nexus 5 and OnePlus One. They are also working on porting it to other devices currently. UBports is maintaining a forum and wiki for help and instructions about the porting process.

They are not affiliated with Canonical. So if you would like to see Ubuntu Touch on more mobile devices, consider contributing to them on Patreon. It will definitely help them to continue. This is their blog.

elementary OS

Elementary OS 0.4 Loki Desktop
Elementary OS 0.4 Loki Desktop

elementary is one of the most famous distributions based on Ubuntu. It tries to be a good replacement for Windows and MacOS. elementary offers its own user interface “Pantheon” which is the most beautiful Linux distribution so far. Beside a lot of other applications and programs. Their distribution has been downloaded millions of times since launch.

The cost of maintaining such a project is definitely huge. Specially for the servers and traffic stuff, aside from development. If you see that elementary is a good choice for new users coming from other OS’es. Feel free to support them at their Patreon page. You can also see the other ways of supporting.


There are a lot of free and open source software out there which you can support. If you like any of these software. Just search for its main website where – usually – most details about getting involved are written there. No matter how small your contribution is, it may create a big difference if combined by other people’ contributions.

After saying that. Feel free also to support The FOSS Post or to join us.

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