If you are from those who like to download a lot of big files everyday, you sure know that the normal downloading process embedded in web browsers like Firefox and Chrome isn’t enough at all to handle such task, you’d need a good downloading manager with resume support and a lot of extra features depending on your needs.

Now on Windows, we used to have “Internet Download Manager” and “Free Download Manager”, those were the top downloading managers at that time – and they still by the way – but unfortunately, they don’t support Linux.

Therefore we brought you the best available downloading managers for the Linux in a list:


FlareGet Download Manager for Linux

FlareGet is a download manager written in C++ and uses the Qt framework, it supports integration with almost all the main major web browsers like Firefox and Chrome, it also supports downloading from FTP and Metalink.

FlareGet also offers a YouTube grabber feature which allows you to download videos from YouTube, the program is available in 17 different languages and works on both Windows and Linux, there’s a paid version of it that allows more connections to be established together.

Visit FlareGet Website.


Xtreme Download Manager for Linux

Xtreme Download Manager is another alternative which you can use, a new version (version 6) just came out 5 days ago actually (since the date of this article) for the Windows platform but it still not available for Linux platform (version 5 is available only to Linux).

XDMAN is written in Java, it supports downloading using a proxy server and using authentication, it also supports all web browsers and claims to offer 500% extra download speed, something that you may try and test yourself.

Download Xtreme Download Manager.


JDownloader Download Manager for Linux

JDownloader is another downloading manager written in Java (I don’t know why they love this language? I learned it in collage and it’s so slow :P), it’s available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS, it has it’s own OCR module. Its interface is available in 10 different languages.

It works on monitoring the clipboard of your operating system, if it detects that you have copied a link to a file, it will put it in its download list so that you can start downloading it easily (it doesn’t start it unless you choose that), it has a lot of other features and it’s completly opensource and released under GPL.

Download JDownloader.


uGet Download Manager for Linux

uGet is a simple yet very-functional download manager that works on Windows, Linux, BSD and Android, it’s completely free and opensource, it supports downloading from multiple streaming source, multiple protocols and multiple mirrors. It also has a clipboard monitor and integrates with all the major browsers via plugins.

uGet also offers a command-line interface for those who like to use the terminal, it is also available in 23 different language and supports using aria2 as its core downloading module. uGet is available in almost all Linux distributions’ repositories and you can search for it in your package manager.

Download uGet.


FatRat Download Manager for Linux

And the latest download manager in our list is FatRat, FatRat is written in C++ and uses the Qt5 framework for it’s user interface, free and opensource as usual.

FatRat offers a lot of features, it includes support for multi-protocols, FTP uploading, RSS feed, BitTorrent, remote controlling via Jabber or an Ajax web interface, searching for subtitles, hashing algorithms like MD5 and a clipboard manager as well. It also works with major browsers like Firefox and Chrome.

Download FatRat.


There are many other download managers and tools that you can use on the Linux desktop like Steadyflow, DownThemAll, kGet and others, you can use whatever download manager you like as they almost share the same features that any download manager should offer.

Do you use download managers? Which one do you prefer?

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