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At FOSS Post, we believe that teamwork is the most important factor in order to get any project to success perfectly. As they say, a lone sheep is always an easy meal for wolves!

We are glad to accept anyone who would like to join our team. If you were a developer, designer, blogger or even if you were a normal user, you always have a place among our family.

Why Join FOSS Post?

Although we’re still a new website, many of our articles have been read by thousands of people (go check the counters yourself). Instead of publishing your content on your small blog, you can let thousands enjoy it on FOSS Post.

We are promoting our articles on many social websites like Facebook, +Google and StumbleUpon. We don’t just publish your article and let it alone, we try to spread it wherever possible. We are working on this together, you are not working “for” FOSS Post, you are FOSS Post.

The quality of the content is what differs us from other people. Our aim is to create a free professional magazine which people can benefit from even if they read the same article after 5 years. That’s why we are all here in the first place.

We won’t just be covering articles. Later on we’ll start creating books, videos, courses and many other stuff about FOSS. We just want to have enough men power before we start.

How It’s Done

New writers should email us with the posts they would like to publish on FOSS Post in ODT format (it’s recommended that you send us the titles before working on them since we can’t publish everything).

After your article is reviewed by our team, and if it meets quality criteria, we’ll publish it on the FOSS Post in your name (we’ll create a special account for you). After you have sent us 3 published articles, we’ll give you full access to your account on our website. And starting from that time, we’ll pay you $3 per article as a start. And you will be added to our Trello board to follow the work from there.

We know that such amount of money is not comparable to the effort spent on articles, but since we are still new, this is what we earn from advertisements right now. As we grow up, we’ll pay more than this for sure. Additionally, if your posts do drive a lot of traffic/ads revenue to the website, your amount will be instantly increased.

So, How To Start?

Just send us a message with your article/join request and we’ll reply in less than 48 hours:

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