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Pomotroid is the Best Open Source Pomodoro Technique App Yet

Pomodoro technique is a famous productivity method used by a lot of people to manage their time and divide it between work and…

Linux Distributions Should Enhance how Sudo Asks for Passwords

sudo is probably the most famous command in the Linux world. It allows ordinary users to run other commands or programs using the…

7 Open Source ERP Systems That are Actually Good

ERP is an abbreviation for “Enterprise resource planning”. ERP systems are used in small, medium and large businesses to do the work that…

Create a Custom System Tray Indicator For Your Tasks on Linux

System Tray icons are still considered to be an amazing functionality today. By just right-clicking on the icon, and then selecting which actions…

5 Good Open Source Speech Recognition/Speech-to-Text Systems

A speech-to-text (STT) system is as its name implies; A way of transforming the spoken words via sound into textual files that can…

Install Android 8.1 Oreo on Linux To Run Apps & Games

android x86 is a free and an open source project to port the android system made by Google from the ARM architecture to…

Governments Are Spending Billions on Software They Can Get with Freedom

How a Software is Owned In the proprietary software world, when software is released, and when users buy that software, they don’t usually…

15 Firefox Addons To Consider Using Right Now

Firefox is a hugging amazing browser. It’s fast, smooth and respects your privacy & security very much. Firefox also comes by default on…

Flameshot is an Amazing Screenshot Tool

If you are someone who depends on saving screenshots a lot in your work, then you would find the default screenshoot tools on…

Turn GNOME to Heaven With These 23 GNOME Extensions

GNOME Shell is one of the most used desktop interfaces on the Linux desktop. It’s part of the GNOME project and is considered…
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