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FOSS Post is growing very rapidly. We have published around 100 articles only on our website so far. However, thanks for them being high quality articles, they got more than 1 million page views. On an average, each published article gets 10000 views.

Because of this, you may consider submitting your article to the FOSS Post. Here, you are spreading your article to thousands of readers who are only interested in free & open source software. More importantly, you are submitting your article to an online platform where quality matters above everything else, not just another online Linux blog.

We are happy to accept your articles and publish them on the FOSS Post.

However, we have some things to clarify:

  • All content should be original, no copying allowed. Posts published elsewhere are not allowed.
  • Each blog post should be at least 1000 words. The more the better.
  • You should work on making your article professional; make sure it’s written in proper English, offers an objective view of things and doesn’t contain any errors/bias of any type. Please take a look at the articles already published on our website in order to see what kind of articles we want.
  • You should provide an avatar, real name, description and a social media account to be associated with your article. Every article you submit will be published with your real name. We can also link to your website if you wish. If you are doing guest blogging in your website’s name, we can use it as a username on our website.
  • By submitting an article you give complete copyright to the FOSS Post. Content is licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0.
  • You may choose the category of your topic from our already-provided categories. However, reviews are done only by the FOSS Post team in order to maintain reviewing criteria.
  • Opinion articles are more welcomed. Feel free to state your opinion about any open source software or project as long as you don’t advance for hate or discrimination. Make your opinion genuine and supported by evidences.
  • Content must not contain any affiliate links.
  • Use appropriate sources as much as possible for every information or stats you mention.
  • We may accept or reject any article you send to us for various reasons.

Ideas of blog posts which we’ll be glad to publish:

  • How did Red Hat become the largest open source vendor?
  • Things to do after installing Arch Linux.
  • How to install Android 7.0 x86 on Linux.
  • Overview on Btrfs filesystem.
  • Is the future for Wayland?

If you are ready, willing and fully-enabled like us, you can send us your article via the email on contact[at]

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