Starting with Firefox 57, the famous web browser got a totally new extensions engine beside a lot of changes. Many of these changes rendered some famous theme addons void, as they no longer work with the new engine. However, it’s still possible to customize Firefox’s user interface to make it look great again.

This is done using a special CSS file called userChrome.css, which is capable of styling the Firefox’s user interface according to whatever CSS rules you place inside that file. If this is the first time you hear about this, then you may would like to check our previous post for more details about this.

In today’s article, we’ll show you 4 ready, already-built Firefox themes that work with Firefox +68 browser. All of these themes depend on the previous userChrome.css file, so you just have to visit the homepages of these themes and read the installation instructions in order to have them on your Firefox.

We tested every one of these themes, and they work on Firefox 68.

List of Good Firefox +68 Themes


firefox 5

This theme is the first in our list, simply because it’s the best one you may see. As its name might suggest, it changes the look of Firefox dramatically to make it look like a native GNOME/GTK application on your desktop. The theme offers a dark version too.

It has a lot of other “side features” that you can enable yourself from the userChrome.css later by uncommenting the corresponding lines, such as hiding single tab, usage of symbolic icons for tabs and many more.

Check it out from its official homepage, alone with the installation instructions.


firefox 7

This theme uses the principles of material design to deliver a Chrome-like user interface to Firefox. Testing it with the latest version of Firefox showed that it’s working quite well. The titles in the tabs do have small text though, but you can change their size however you like from the CSS file.

In addition to that, the theme is compatible with the dark Firefox persona, so you can use it if you love dark modes. Just after you install the theme, open the customization window and enable the dark theme.

Check the theme’s homepage to download it.

elementaryOS Theme

firefox 9

elementaryOS is one of the most beautiful Linux distributions out there, but it does not provide a special theme for Firefox. This theme solves that issue by making Firefox look as if it was a native elementaryOS application. As you may notice, the close button is on the left side of the window, as well as for the tabs.

The theme supports a dark version too.

You can download it from its homepage on GitHub.

Sweet Theme

firefox 11

The last theme in our list is a dark theme by default; If you love darkness that much, then you’ll love Sweet! It’s a dark-to-purple theme that gives an entierly different view to your web browser. It also supports the same “side features” as the GNOME theme: Hide single tab, symbolic icons support and more.

You can grab it from its official GitHub page.


You have seen the themes we had in our bag so far. If you like the general look of a certain theme, but don’t like some small details or aspects of it, then don’t hurry to uninstall it; You may visit our previous tutorial on how to modify and customize whatever theme you want according to your needs by playing with the userChrome.css file.

In addition to that, you may keep an eye on the /r/FirefoxCSS subreddit. It is a special subreddit for those who would like to modify the look of their browser with CSS, so you can ask for help there or even present your own modifications.

Hope this helps!


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