Linux From Scratch is a book which can be used to build an independent Linux distribution which doesn’t use any other Linux distribution as a base. It teaches you how things work under the hood and how to compile software and build your own Linux system. The guide is also free for all.

BLFS (Beyond Linux from Scratch) is an additional guide which will take you through graphical user interfaces setup, printing support, networking and more. It also contains a lot of great information.

Today, the project announced LFS 8.0 and BLFS 8.0 which contain a lot of changes:

The Linux From Scratch community is pleased to announce the release of LFS 
Version 8.0, LFS Version 8.0 (systemd), BLFS Version 8.0, and BLFS Version 
8.0 (systemd).

This release is a major update to both LFS and BLFS.

The LFS release includes updates to glibc-2.24, binutils-2.27, and 
gcc-6.2.0. In total, 29 packages were updated, fixes made to bootscripts, 
and changes to text have been made throughout the book.

The BLFS version includes approximately 800 packages beyond the base Linux 
 From Scratch Version 7.10 book. This release has over 775 updates from 
the previous version including numerous text and formatting changes.

The change to 8.0 is due to the removal of the symbolic link from /lib to 
/lib64 and the complete removal of /usr/lib64. An additional feature is 
that the gold linker (/usr/bin/ is now available although it is 
not the default linker.

Please direct any comments about this release to the LFS development
team at lfs-dev at or blfs-dev at 
Registration for the mailing lists is required to avoid junk email.

Download LFS 8.0 & BLFS 8.0

There are 4 different versions available to download: LFS 8.0 without systemd, LFS 8.0 with systemd. BLFS 8.0 with systemd and BLFS 8.0 without systemd. You can choose whatever guide you may want.

For more info about the project, you may check its official wiki.

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