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FOSS Quiz: Take a quiz about Linux and open source

FOSS Quiz is a platform for having quizzes related to Linux and open source. You can select any quiz you want from the list below and start trying to answer the questions in order to measure how knowledgeable you are in that topic. Each topic is divided into many levels according to difficulty, the early you see it in the list the easier it is (E.g level 1 is the easiest).

FOSS Quiz is still in early stages and not yet completely finished. For your comments, feedback and issues please email us on contact[at]fosspost.org so that we can fix them. Read our press release for more information about the future of the platform.

Linux Desktops

  1. GNOME Basic Information
  2. KDE Basic Information
  3. (More Coming Soon!)

Open Source Software

  1. LibreOffice Quiz
  2. Firefox Quiz
  3. (More Coming Soon!)

RHCSA Quzzies

(Coming Soon!)

DevOps Quizzes

(Coming Soon!)

Various Topics

(Coming Soon!)

You may request the addition of a specific quiz via our email address mentioned above.