The FOSS Post team is consisting of many professional developers and writers. We can provide you some services outside the scope of just giving you the content we are publishing here.

Below is a list of what we can provide.

Content Writing

We have been working in content writing for more than 10 years now. And you can see the quality of our writings from the articles we publish on FOSS Post. That’s why you may want to consider working with us on writing the content you need instead of giving a random blogger $50 on Fiverr to do a useless post.

We think of content as a structure of linked puzzle pieces together, with each content piece completing the overall big picture. When we usually work on content projects, we create mind maps and various possible structures for what information and ideas we are trying to deliver to readers, instead of considering it as a one-time piece that is thrown without returning to it later.

Delivering “packages” of content for those in need of any deep technical content is one of the services we provide.

Reviewing your Open Source Project

Developer or owner of an open source project? It is possible to feature your software and make a review about it on FOSS Post for a small fee we discuss. Of course, this can not be considered as an offer to influence our reviews and opinions about your software, but is just a small fee for the working hours we have to dedicate to review your software.

FOSS Post receives tens of thousands of eager readers each month, all of them are here because of Linux and open source software. Our domain authority is currently standing at 40/100.

Only open source software are covered on the FOSS Post.

Consultation on Open Source

We are capable of advising on you possible open source solutions for empowering your business infrastructure. Whether you are working in software, health care, education, banking, eCommerce or other industries, we can always help in some way related to open source.

We can discuss further details once you email us your requirements.

Specialized Linux Distributions Development

We have developed a couple of Linux distributions before, and have a good experience in this sector.

If you were looking into creating your own customized Linux distribution preloaded with your own software and data to fulfill your employees/partners use cases & needs, then we would be more than happy to help.

We currently support building a customized Linux distribution on Ubuntu.

Linux Desktop Applications Development

We have a good experience in developing desktop applications for Linux with Python and the GTK library. If you are looking into creating a Linux desktop program with the combination of these two amazing technologies, then we can help you in that too.

For getting more information about these services or for reaching out, contact us on our email address.