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WPS Office is a well known cross platform office suite which also works on Linux desktop. Its interface is very much similar to that in Microsoft Office and has similar tools as well.

We thought – and a lot of other users – that the development of WPS office for Linux has stopped a long time ago. Because the last update they released was 1 year ago. Their forums is also full of spam and no one was answering any questions or issues opened there.

Fortunately, some hope finally came back again. WPS Office team has just released a new version for Linux desktop on 15th of June. Marked as Alpha21.

New Changes in WPS Office For Linux

This was the official changelog for the new release:

  • WPS audiovideo playback reconstruction, supports more video formats and smoother playback.
  • WPS added search function and access path.
  • WPS added opening Linux remote file sharing feature.
  • Optimized IO operations, improved WPS efficiency of opening files in 3 modules.
  • Fixed differences in display effects of some controls in Linux versus Windows.
  • Fixed display effects of special fonts in Presentation module.
  • Fixed some incorrect texture fill effects in WPS export to PDF.
  • Fixed broken hyperlinks in WPS export to PDF.
  • Fixed thumbnail preview effects in Presentation.
  • Added opening the file name and the maximum length supported by the path.
  • WPS open dialogs will not always persist when opening documents,but will close after confirmation,enhances user experience.

This is how the new version looks like:

WPS Office for Linux

WPS Office for Linux

WPS Office for Linux

You can go ahead and download WPS office for i386 (DEB), amd64 (DEB), x86_64 (RPM), i686 (RPM), x86_64 (TAR.XZ) and x86 (TAR_XZ) architectures.


M.Hanny Sabbagh

Hanny is a computer science & engineering graduate, and an open source software developer. He created his first open source project, which was a Linux distribution, back when he was 12. He retired it later after 4 years after it got more than 100,000 downloads. He has created a lot of other open source software too over the years, and maintains separate online platforms for promoting open source in his local communities. Hanny is the founder of FOSS Post.

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Lisa Lewis
Lisa Lewis

I am unable to open the new install of OpenSuse 42.3, I get this error.

/opt/kingsoft/wps-office/office6/wpp: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Please advise.

M.Hanny Sabbagh
M.Hanny Sabbagh

Probably you are missing some libraries. Try to install bzip2-devel:

$ sudo zypper in bzip2 libbz2-devel

If it didn’t work, you may need to create a symlink:

$ sudo ln -s `find /usr/lib64/ -type f -name “*”` /usr/lib64/

Lisa Lewis
Lisa Lewis

Thank you!