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Full Linux Guide


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This page contains all the resources that you need to read in order to start your journey in the Linux and the open source world. You’ll find general articles about many concepts in Linux, beside many possible “paths” to choose according to which Linux distribution you like the most. Make sure that you read all the introductory articles below.

You can save this page in your bookmarks so that you come back to it from time to time, either to read it yourself or simply to share it with a friend who also wants to start using Linux; In that way, you won’t have to collect links from Google in order to help yourself or others in starting their Linux journey.

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What is open source software?

In this introductory article, you’ll learn everything you need about open source software and also free software. Make sure you understand it before you proceed to other articles.


What is Linux and why we recommend using it?

Everything you need to know about Linux, why you should use it and how to start using it. You’ll learn a lot of concepts about the Linux world here too.

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What are the components of a Linux distrubtion?

What are the components of a Linux distribution?

Before you go on with the distribution you chose, you should understand some general concepts about the underlying technologies of various Linux distributions. This will help you a lot in your Linux journey.


Your Full Guide on Migrating from Windows 7 to Linux

If you are a new user coming from the Windows 7 world, then this additional article could be helpful for you.

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What’s the Best Linux Distribution?

Read this post to decide on what Linux distribution you should use, and what extra resources that may help you in making your choice.


Making the Switch to Linux

Below you’ll find many different “paths” to choose from. Pick only one path according to the Linux distribution you have decided to use and start reading the articles below it. A path contains everything you need to know to set you ready.

Now that you have installed Linux, you can start exploring more topics that you may need. Pick whatever you may find useful from the list of articles below. They apply on all Linux distributions.

Linux Command Line Basics & Examples

Here you’ll learn everything you need to know about the command line on Linux. You can literally do magic!

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Introduction to App Packages on Linux

Learn more about some amazing possible ways to install software on your Linux distribution; Flatpak, Snap and Appimage.


7 Tips to Reduce Battery Usage on Linux

Are you running Linux on your laptop? Read this guide on tips and recommendations to reduce battery usage.

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How to Enable Steam Play on Linux to Run Windows Games

Are you a gamer? Do this simple step in Steam to enable installing all the games from it on your Linux machine!