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Things To Do After Installing Fedora 31

Fedora releases a new version in approximately every 6 months. Each now version is supported with updates for 13 months in total. The…

Introduction to App Packages on Linux

Historical Background of Packages on Linux When GNU/Linux was introduced in 1991, people used to compile their own software by themselves from the…

Things To Do After Installing Ubuntu 19.10 (and 18.04)

Ubuntu releases a new version every six months. However, most of the stuff you may need to do after installing the new version…

Ubuntu 19.10 Review: Another Retrofitting Release

Ubuntu 19.10 was just released few days ago. The new release comes with some interesting features to talk about, along with great software…

Good List of 5 Open Source Log Management Software

Log management is a practice which includes collecting, aggregating, storing, rotating and analyzing a large set of log files that are generated by…

7 Good Open Source AI/Machine Learning Systems

Artificial intelligence is taking over many sectors in technology in the last few years. Developers from all different backgrounds finally realized the opportunities…

Lubuntu, A Once Great Distro, Is Falling Behind

Lubuntu used to be that Linux distribution that you referred a friend to in case he wanted a very lightweight, newbie-friendly yet elegant…

A Dive Inside Cinnamon, an Overlooked Linux Desktop

Linux Mint is one of the most famous distributions out there, and it’s generally thought as a beginner-friendly Linux distribution. It indeed is.…

Overclock your AMD Ryzen Mobile on Linux with Ryzen Controller

Overclocking is the process of changing the default clock speed of a computer’s component (CPU, RAM..) into a higher one in order to…

Here are 4 Nice Firefox +68 Themes That You Can Try Out

Starting with Firefox 57, the famous web browser got a totally new extensions engine beside a lot of changes. Many of these changes…
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