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At FOSS Post, we are very happy today to release our newest project: FOSS Quiz.

When any new user enters the open source world, he/she will discover that there are so many details, so much information and tons of software to learn a lot about. Users wishing to dive deeper in the field may find it hard to just browse the random Internet in order to collect the knowledge they need about the topics they wish to learn more about.

FOSS Quiz comes here to solve that problem; A central platform for taking various quizzes about open source software, so that interested users can try to answer these quizzes and learn much more about the respective project/software in the process, in a fun and interactive way.

Users are able to view their results after the quiz, which answers they got right or wrong beside the correct solutions for all the questions in the quiz. They can also challenge their friends via sharing the quiz link to see who would score more from the first try!

These quizzes, by nature, (we try) to make them well-designed and organized so that they cover the most important and crucial information about the respective topics. Some quizzes are easy and short, while others will be hard and long, depending on the nature of the project/software we are talking about.

There might be some similar platforms which provide some exams online on some open source topics. But FOSS Quiz aims to be a central platform that specializes in quiz material only, without any further types of content (Video, text, course… etc). The nature of quizzes allows them to be finished quickly and users will immediately learn the needed material once they finish taking the quiz. Putting all these quizzes together in one, simply-designed and central place is helpful for sure.

Right now, FOSS Quiz is still in the testing stage, and indeed we didn’t finish all the quizzes and questions. We thought that it would be a better idea to release it to the community and see the feedback we would get before investing more resources in this project. In the future, and if the project succeeds, we plan to cover more detailed topics such as Red Hat certificates (RHCSA, RHCE), various programming languages quizzes (E.g Python Quiz), DevOps tools (Docker, Chef, Ansible, Podman…) quizzes and much more.

As one might see; The project took so much time in preparation because it is not easy to write hundreds of questions & answers for various technical topics in the open source world, and in an organized manner with clean and simple design that suites everyone. Still, in order to provide an annoyance-free experience for the users, we have decided to make the platform 100% ad-free.

You can access FOSS Quiz and browse the available quizzes right now from the following link:

FOSS Quiz was able to see the light thanks to the contributions of 27 donors who supported us both via direct donations and our continues Patreon campaign. We are thankful for those donors as this work could have never seen the light without them.

If more people are interested in the project and if they join our Patreon campaign, we plan to expand the platform and add more quizzes each week as time passes by.

For you comments or feedback about the platform, we are happy to receive them via the comments section below or via contact[at]

Update: As of December 11, 2021, we have moved FOSS Quiz to become part of the main FOSS Post website at We did this to integrate the platform better for our readers and make it more accessible.

security offer from FOSS Post
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