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GNOME Theme For Firefox Gets Updated, Looking Great

There are a lot of complete themes for Firefox. We spoke about 3 of them in one of our previous articles. The good news today is that “GNOME 3” theme (which was also called Adwaita) for Firefox was updated. Now it’s working with all versions higher than Firefox 45.

Previously, the theme didn’t work with the recent versions of Firefox. So people had to switch to other available themes. Fortunately, this finally changed today when another developer took the code, fixed the compatibility problems and re-released the theme.

GNOME theme for Firefox is very amazing. It gives a nice compatible appearance when ran with the GNOME desktop. Here are some screenshots for the browser with the updated version (P.S: I am using the Htitle extension to hide the window bar, by default the situation is not like that):

firefox gnome theme

firefox gnome theme

firefox gnome theme

The theme also provides a separated extension to configure its option. You can install it to configure some preferences in the theme. Like the tab width, usage of relief buttons, bold labels and more:

firefox gnome theme

This is an example for it when you enable the relief buttons. Seems very much similar to other GNOME applications. Of course, since you are using the extension to configure the preferences, you are free to choose what style you like:

firefox gnome theme

Let’s not make you wait longer. You can go ahead and download the theme and its extension:

Download GNOME Theme For Firefox

Download GNOME Theme Tweak For Firefox

Optional: Download Htitle Extension For Firefox

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