We just witnessed the end of FOSDEM 2017; The largest FOSS event in Europe. It held around 660 different events about a lot of different topics and aspects of open source software. You can check their summary here.

However, if you were located in USA and didn’t get a chance to attend FOSDEM, don’t worry. Another conference about Linux and open source software will be held in California, March 2-5, 2017. Called “SCALE”.

SCALE is an abbreviation for “Southern California Linux Expo”. Each year, a lot of developers, engineers, directors and other top IT professionals gather to speak about Linux and open source software. It started as a small group of volunteers in 2002. By time, things grew up and it became a big event for FOSS enthusiasts in USA.

This year, there’s a huge list of sponsors for the conference (codenamed x15) like: Red Hat, Google, Canonical, SUSE, Facebook and a lot more. Many directors and developers from the mentioned companies will participate in person too.

SCALE x15 Conference Schedule For First Day
SCALE x15 Conference Schedule For First Day

The conference will last for 4 days. Covering a lot of topics from Docker, ZFS, Ubuntu, Kubernetes, Snaps, Rust, Linux kernel development, general DevOps and a lot more. You can check the conference’s schedule to know what to expect. Te complete list of presentations can also be retrieved from the official website.

There will be also a lot of “special events” which will be held among all the days of the conference. From “PGP Keysigning Party” to “Capture the Flag” cyber competition and passing by “UbuCon” (Ubuntu Conference). Attending the conference will infidelity be an amazing experience if you were nearby.

To register in the conference and buy the tickets. You can head to the registration page. For further information about the conference, you may check the website: https://www.socallinuxexpo.org/scale/15x


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